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What a night!  You partied hard and now you're paying for it.  What can you do?  First, understand that alcohol is a diuretic which means those wonderful liquid beverages you drank last night are now causing your body to rid itself of the necessary water it needs.  That's why you are running to the bathroom all the time.  What you need to do first is rehydrate and replenish all the water you lost.  Then, follow some of these remedies to help make your recovery  go more smoothly so you can return to the partying scene soon.


The 9 hangover symptoms: nausea, headache, loss of appetite, dry mouth, soreness, weakness, muscle tremors, diarrhea and dizziness



One of America's favorite sports drinks, Gatorade, is a heaven sent for a hangover.  In order to cure a hangover, you must rehydrate and replenish your body with all the nutrients and electrolytes that you lost during your drinking bing.  Gatorade will help replenish some of the lost electrolytes your body needs and also help rehydrate your body from all the water you disposed of because you were in the bathroom every five minutes the night before.  Hitting Gatorade right after you finish drinking, before going to bed and as soon as you wake up will help minimize the horrible effects of your hangover.


Please invest in some "vitamin B complex vitamins".  They are available at stores everywhere.  Hospitalized alcoholics are given supplemental vitamin B-1 (thiamine) to replace what they lost during drinking so if you are a regular drinker  make it a habit to take vitamin-B complex vitamins everyday.  Most of the "B vitamins" are lost when you drink alcohol so replenish them as soon as possible.



If you do one thing for your hangover, drink water.  This is essential to your recovery.  You lost a lot of water because of the diuretic effects of alcohol. Drinking water will replace the water your body lost.   As soon as you can, down as much water as you possibly can and keep a full glass next to your bed to drink first thing in the morning.


Some professional Partiers made burnt toast part of their morning-after breakfast regimen.  Carbon is the charred part of the burnt toast that will filter some of the impurities in your system. 



Your tummy is in an acidic state after you've drank and may cause your stomach to be very upset.   Toast or bread can help neutralize the acid and make your tummy feel better.  Honey contains simple sugars which will in turn help your body process the alcohol more quickly.  Gobble up some toast with honey before turning in for the night or first thing when you finally wake up.



If you can't handle making toast in the state you are in, you must eat some bread.  Fresh Italian bread will help absorb the excess alcohol in your stomach and slow down the impact of a hangover.  Eat as much bread as you can handle.


Fatty foods like greasy pizza or a nice big burger will grease the lining of your stomach and intestines and the absorption of alcohol into your system will be slower.  Some Partiers even suggest taking a teaspoonful of olive oil before and after drinking to help line the digestive tract.


Drink a glass of orange juice before crashing and as soon as you wake up.  Orange juice will replace the potassium you lost during your drinking bing. A low potassium level leads to muscle cramps and muscle discomfort. Get your potassium level back to normal as soon as possible.   Orange juice will also help your blood sugar levels.


If you can't drink orange juice, make sure you eat a banana before retiring for the night and when you wake up.  Bananas are also packed with potassium and will help alleviate muscle cramps and muscle discomfort.


Taking some form of pain killer, either aspirin or ibuprofen (avoid Tylenol or acetaminophen due to liver toxicity risks)  as soon as you wake up may help mask some of the effects of alcohol and your hangover.  It's not advisable to take these all the time because they can bombard your liver and make it work harder plus compete with alcohol for absorption.  If you take one of these before drinking, your hangover may be worse in the morning because the alcohol in your system won't be processed quickly and if you take them before going to bed, their effects may wear off before you've awaken which will cause you to feel worse.  It's better to take something as soon as you wake up to ease the effects of a hangover.


Drinking some tea, strong black coffee, Pepsi or Jolt Cola will help you fight that headache.  Caffeine will ease the pain of a headache and make you feel more alert.  Don't overdue the caffeine because it also acts as a diuretic and will cause you to lose water and become more dehydrated.  One cup of black coffee or a glass of Pepsi should be enough to battle that headache.  The cola syrup in Pepsi will also help soothe your tummy.


Some avid drinkers take the herb called Milk Thistle. It is available in stores that carry vitamins and herbal products.  Milk Thistle is supposed to help your liver rebuild cells that are damaged from drinking.  Taking a few capsules of  Milk Thistle before, during or after drinking may help your liver process the alcohol more quickly and minimize your hangover symptoms.


A quick dose of Emetrol or medicinal cola syrup will help your nausea.  Your stomach will feel like "The Love Boat" during a bad tropical storm so you should take something to ease your discomfort. Old fashioned cola syrup is available at most drug stores or try the newer fruit syrup called Emetrol.  Pour some of this stuff over ice and sip it slowly before you go to bed and when you wake up.  It will help your stomachache plus help your blood sugar levels too.


Hopefully you'll have the "morning after" off of work.  Lounging on the couch with a blanket while drinking warm fluids will help your body recuperate more quickly from the alcohol assault you subjected it to last night.


Chow down on a few Sodium Bicarbonate tablets, otherwise known as "TUMS", with a large glass of water.  TUMS will help neutralize the acid in your stomach and make your tummy feel much, much better.


Take  a cup of Sprite or 7-up and throw in an Alka-Seltzer plus crush two aspirins and put them in there, too with some fresh lemon juice.  Take a B-12 vitamin with that.  It's a miracle!!!  (submitted by LanetteCueto).

17. R & R

Rest and relaxation is the key.  Why does it seem as if the day after partying is always one of the busiest, loudest and most annoying days at work or at home?  If you're lucky, you don't have to work with your hangover, but for most of us, hangovers are inevitable during a typical work day.  You will survive!  As soon as you can, get some rest and relaxation in bed, in your favorite chair or couch!


If you can stomach it today, get some good tasting, salty chinese food in your tummy.  Your body could sure use the salt replenishment it lost and chowing down some greasy chinese food couldn't hurt.  Just don't make it too hot and spicy or your tummy might not agree.


Munch on some pretzels, potato chips and saltine crackers.  The salt will do you good and the snack food will absorb some of that alcohol you drank.


Hangovers are temporary.  Think positive.  You will be feeling better soon and you'll be back on the partying scene.  Don't get mentally down about it.  Everybody hurts sometimes.  It's part of the game.  Keep your mental edge and follow some of these simple hangover antidotes and we'll see you at the party soon!


During a hang over, your body becomes very susceptible to temperature changes.  Cold showers are harsh on your body and may intensify a headache if you already have one.  By all means, take a warm shower or bath instead of an ice cold shower.


You are already dehydrated so taking a sauna or steam bath is totally out of the question and will only make your hangover feel worse.   Yes, you do rid your body of small amounts of alcohol when you sweat, but making yourself more dehydrated is worse than the benefit of losing alittle bit of alcohol through your skin.


Some believe that having another drink in the morning solves the problem.  Continuing to consume alcohol in order to reduce the effects of a hangover is logical, but eventually you are going to have to stop drinking at some moment in time.  A hangover is partly a "mini-withdrawal" from alcohol, but procrastinating your hangover will only make it more intense once it occurs.  Do not drink more in order to get through or over your hangover.
1.   6-20-03 Seth says, "I find that a greasy Rueben sandwich with lots of sauerkraut and mozzarella cheese fixes me up.  Whatever you do don't think about eating when you are hung over unless you have food handy.  Stomach acids and saliva are released when you think about eating and without food you will find yourself vomiting bile."
2.   1-24-03 Smoltz says, "Drink Pedialite.  That's right, the same thing you drank as a kid.  It really works...trust me."
3.   4-2-05 The following recommendations were submitted by Jordan Trudal:
This is a little extreme and for many hard to get the necessary, but legal, components. 
     A.  First I start with relieving the terrible thirst with a juice and mostly soda water to replace electrolytes. 
     B.  Then I prepare a coffee retention enema.  I boil 6 pints of water and 6 heaping tablespoons of coffee for about 15 minutes (some call this "cowboy" coffee).  Take 1 pint of appropriately warm coffee and use an enema kit to insert it in the rectum.  Try to hold for 15 minutes.  Eject.  This administers caffeine in an unusual way to the body, opens bile ducts to make the liver release toxins and the caffeine constricts, back down, painfully dilated blood vessels in the brain.  Obviously it also helps to move along anything sitting in the digestive tract as well.  I find it gets rid of the "pukey" feeling well. 
     C.  Then the piece de la resistance:  An intramuscular injection of vitamin B complex.  You will need a proper size syringe and injectible b complex (B 12 is NOT appropriate on its own and can make you worse) which might be hard to find.  I suggest Smith's Pharmacy in Toronto, available on line I believe.  Get a nurse to show you how to give an IM injection--they are more sympathetic, typically, to this sort of harmless and healthy behavior, than doctors--but it is radical and scares some.  It works like nobodies business and should not be abused, especially the enemas which can make you anemic--especially if you do not supplement with b complex.  Perhaps, this should be left for those really bad-ass hangovers though if one gets over their anal animosity and fear of needles there is no reason to not indulge in this on a regular basis.   
    D. The homeopathic remedy substance:  Nux Vomica apparently works so well at relieving hangover that many think it makes becoming an alcoholic easier by removing the only deterrent:  the hangover. 
     E.  For illicit hangovers:  L-tyrosine, an isolated amino acid, and strong doses of ginseng for cocaine recovery.
     F.  Mega dose of vitamin C (10000 mg +/day) and L-tyrosine and extract of ginko biloba for LSD recovery.
     G.  St. John's wort, 5HTP, ginko biloba and valerian extract for E recovery.  Consume fruit smoothies laced with spirulina or greens + until eating properly again. (Jason Trudal)
 4.   7-13-05  Whitney Renard says, "A great remedy for hangovers is to take a Dramamine (or any kind of motion sickness pill) and drink a glass or so of water as soon as you wake up the next morning, this way your sleeping off your hangover and your stomach isn't turning. Dramamine will make you want to sleep, knock out your headache, and calm your stomach. This is the best hangover remedy I know, it never fails. IIf you have to work during the day or have something else to do where you can't sleep all day get the non-drowsy Dramamine it works the same but won't make you tired."
 5.  7-15-05  Rebecca Hail of Fayetteville, Arkansas says, "I find that hitting the Waffle House (after the drinking/partying is over) and first downing 1-3 glasses of tomato juice or V8 before eating the greasy food helps - oh and so does the greasy food!  !f I still feel bad in the morning - I'll drink lots of water and even some more V8/tomatoe juice. If I got the bad nausea feeling, like I need to go vomit everything out (I hate vomiting!), I'll usually try to sleep it off away!  But, I make sure to keep the trash can close beside the bed, just in case! Also, I keep a cold, wet towel around my neck - - - it's something my mom used to do when I was a kid - it helps with the clammy feeling you get right before vomiting...for me, it helps me not to vomit also. If you don't have any V8 or tomatoe juice...try eating some ripe tomatoes!  Just make sure to get lots of water - -- even Gatoraide into your system, to replenish all the water you lost!  And try your hardest to eat something - saltine crackers work best for me!  But I've heard toast with honey on it works also!"
 6.  7-23-05 Gina, a nurse from Scottsdale, AZ advises partiers,
"Just one comment about the hangover remedies that you have listed. Never ever ever take Tylenol (ACETAMINOPHEN) while you are drinking, or the moring after. Acetaminophen is extremely toxic to the liver when mixed with alcohol. The next day there can still be alcohol in your body that the liver has to deal with. When you hear people say don't drink alcohol with percocet or vicodin, it isn't just the narcotic that is bad to mix with the alcohol. They contain Acetaminophen as well. People who use Tylenol/Acetaminophen with or after drinking will get cirrhosis of the liver much sooner than by just drinking the liver to death. Also, people accidentally OD on Acetaminophen, and die, all the time, mistakenly thinking that because it's a simple over the counter medication, it is safe. WRONG. Be careful. :-)
I try to drink a glass of water between each drink when I am drinking alcohol. This slows down the number of drinks I have in a short period of time, keeps my hydrated, and flushes everything out. Besides, water just makes everything in your body work better!"
7. 1-5-06 Eric Waechter says, "I submit this advice as a paramedic and former hard core partier myself.  Personally, I am a hard core recovering alcoholic with over 5 years sober, but I am not nearly naive enough to believe that I can change anyone else's life or accuse them of being something that they may or may not be.  Instead I can offer my professional help to those that still wish to party with the "big boys".  First and foremost, there is no "cure" for a hangover.  There are things you can do to help ease the difficulty, but get used to the idea that you are going to feel miserable, and lets face it, you know and I know, you DAMN well should.  All of the recommendations for Vitamin B supplements and lots of water are absolutely correct.  Gatorade is a wonderful invention.  Lots of water during the night while you are drinking is also very helpful.  At the very least, it will minimize the headache the next day.  All in all, just be safe.  A hangover sucks and we've all had one, but please know enough to recognize the difference between a hangover and full blown withdrawal.  If you can't stop shaking, or your heart is racing, go to the emergency room immediately.  There are withdrawals with coming off of any drug, heroin, cocaine . . . anything, but the withdrawal from alcohol is the only one that can actually KILL you. Party on, my brothers and sisters, I admire you for still being able to do so . . . but please, be safe and keep yourselves alive."
8. 3-1-06 Tina Toronto suggests, "Pedialyte and Gatorade; mix 1/2 and 1/2.  Works wonders!"
9. 3-11-06 Lee Hinnant helps fellow partiers by saying, "One helpful product for a hangover is Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Beverage. It has sugars and some vitamins and is easy on the digestion. Drink one or two 12-ounce cans, take ibuprophen and a sublingual B-12."
10. 6-15-05 Billy Cordon warns,  "You should NEVER take anything containing acetaminophen (in Tylenol) after a night of binge drinking. Your liver enzymes aren't as efficient after drinking, and taking tylenol can cause liver damage, and at its wore can cause you to go into fulminant hepatotoxicity (translation = death if you do not get a liver transplant immediately)"
1. Multiple vomiting episodes - Your body will try to quickly get  rid of toxins and poisons the only way it knows how, but if the partying went way too far, the dehydration and loss of electrolytes the body experiences may require medical attention.  Don't risk it.  Seek medical attention if vomiting continues.
2.   Passing out - This is a definite sign that a partier needs medical attention.  Take anybody who passes out to the emergency room for medical attention.  There is a high risk of choking and shock if medical attention is not sought soon.

Hangover recoveries will not make you a safe driver so ALWAYS DESIGNATE A DRIVER


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