Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA
Yard haunt sponsored by Partiers.com of New Castle, PA USA


Cemetery stew
This prop uses a fog machine to produce smoke out of a Witch's cauldron.
  We needed a big cauldron so we used a large trash can fastened to a plywood base.


 We used 90-degree L-brackets to attach the trash can
to the plywood base.
  We bought the trash can at a local hardware store.

 Inside the trash can we mounted a spotlight holder to the
  side wall.  A red spotlight shines up through the fog and on
to the witch. We used bolts and nuts, not screws.

We attached a fake human arm and hand to hang out of

the cauldron for an added effect.

About 2 inches from the bottom, we cut out a circle

and placed a PVC pipe.  The pipe is used to carry fog
in to the cauldron.

   A smaller kitchen sized trash can will be the

weather protector for the fog machine.

We spray painted it black.

We cut a hole in the bottom of it so the PVC
pipe can go in to the cauldron from it then laid
it on it's side and fastened it to the plywood
base with L-brackets.

The witch prop  is a simple PVC pipe zombie.

 In this photo, we pulled back the witch's sleeve
to show how she's made.

A view from the rear of the prop.

Notice the PVC pipe is coming through the
smaller garbage can.  The end of the fog machine
is placed inside this PVC pipe to pump fog in to
the cauldron.  Be careful not to make direct contact
  with the fog machine because it may melt the PVC pipe.
This is a simple prop that you can reuse each year.  We keep the red spotlight on all the time, but  the fog machine
is triggered using a motion sensor to blast fog from inside the cauldron.