The Legend of Gierlach's Haunted Summitview Drive  
418 Summit View Drive, New Castle, PA USA
Haunted Summitview

In 1806, Neshannock Township was a thriving coal town producing several tons of coal each day.  Throughout the township, coal mines were dug deep underground and many of the entrances were located on a hillside, called Coal Town Hill.  Each day, railroad cars would enter the mines and exit the mines with loads of coal for the community to use as fuel for heat.

Haunted Summitview

One night when the coal mines were closed, a group of youngsters went to explore Coal Town Hill for fun.  While playing around the vacant railroad cars outside the mines, the sound of horrible screams from within the mine shafts were heard.  Curious to see what it was, the scared youngsters carefully entered the shaft.  After several hours of searching, they could not find anything except a few spiders and bats inside the mines.  Afraid of hearing the screams again, the youngsters never returned to Coal Town Hill.  The youngsters ran home and told everyone what they had heard.  The news of the screams coming from the mines spread throughout the community and even the workers were afraid to go back inside the mines.  Eventually, Coal Town Hill closed forever and the mine shafts were sealed off.

Haunted Summitview

Today, houses are built on Coal Town Hill and only a traffic light at the top of the hill (intersection of Maitland Lane and Mercer Road) remains to warn people of what might be down below.  Each Halloween season, a house on a road at the top of the hill, called Summitview Drive, is haunted by what some people say are the same ghosts and zombies that were screaming inside the mine shafts from years ago.  From then on, it has been known as Haunted Summitview Drive in Neshannock Township of New Castle, PA USA.

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