Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA
Yard haunt sponsored by Partiers.com of New Castle, PA USA



Halloween yard haunt lighting

 In our Halloween 
 yard haunt display,
we try to keep our 
lighitng simple.
  We use 100 watt outdoor
 Par-38 spotlights 
and weather resistance
   lamp holders.

We've changed over to the metal spotlight holders

instead of the plastic ones because they are more durable.
     Here is an example of the spotlight holder that you can stake in
the ground and a colored Par-38 outdoor flood light.

Over the years, we've learned the hard way

that the spotlight holders corrode and collect water
in the socket if they are not covered.
 We've built small boxes to cover each floodlight and
    holder.  They hide the light when you are looking at
our display from a distance since they are invisible
to the eye at night in the yard.

     A green colored Par-38 outdoor floodlight in

in the outdoor spotlight holder covered
by our wooden weather protector.


     Here are a couple of the covers we built.


  Here is a modified spotlight holder that we use

  to illuminate our zombie on the roof.  The lamp holder
  is fastened to a 2"x4" piece of wood and the cover is
also attached.

        This is what we used to build our yard haunt
lighting and weather protection.