Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA
Yard haunt sponsored by Partiers.com of New Castle, PA USA



    This is a roof mount we made for our zombie
that stands on the top of our roof at the peak


We used 2 pieces of plywood with 2 hinges.
The dirt marks at each end are where we
placed bricks to hold down the mount during
Pennsylvania's windy October nights.


 We had to build a ramp because once the 
mount is unfolded, the zombie would be
   leaning too forward if it weren't made level.


 Here you can see the fence pipes we used
   as well as a hook for extra stability for the zombie.
We placed our PVC zombie's legs inside the iron
pipes.  This prevented it from blowing over.

The bracket on the roof.  We use cement blocks
to hold down the roof mount because of the
severe October winds we experience.

      The rooftop zombie is ready!