Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA   HAUNTEDSUMMITVIEWDRIVE.COM
Small drive-by yard haunt sponsored by Partiers.com of New Castle, PA USA   Latest update:  Monday September 30, 2013
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Here's a sneak peek at some of the zombies & ghosts you'll see at Haunted Summitview.  If you visit, see how many of these zombies & ghosts you can find

in our display!



Sparky has been executed nightly inside the Haunted Summitview graveyard since 2006!  He has committed crimes too horrible to mention so we'll let the electric chair do him justice!  Occasionally, you can see Sparky getting electrocuted!  It's not a pretty sight!




Spuey began vomiting in 2005!  This disgusting ghoul named Spuey oozes and spits goo and gunk from his mouth into a pool of biohazardous waste.  Luckily, Spuey only spits in his barrel so there's only a slight chance you might get slimed.




Smiley the Clown joined our Haunted Summitview graveyard in October 2005!  Help us keep Smiley smiling by visiting him this Halloween season.


Hanged Harold


Harold was hanged in 2005!  See if you can find which Haunted Summitview graveyard tree Harold is hanging out.


Haunted Summitview arches


The Haunted Summitview arches were added in 2004.  Always closed, they remain the only way in and out of the Haunted Summmitview graveyard.


Cemetery Stew


Cemetery Stew with the fogging cauldron has been part of the Haunted Summitview graveyard cast for many years.




Charlie and his oscillating (back and forth) head guards the Haunted Summitview graveyard from the porch every year.


Browns head


The Cleveland Browns rotating head zombie stands behind the bushes each year and gazes over the Haunted Summitview graveyard.  His mask changed in 2004 so see if you can find him with his newer face this year!




Dracula in his coffin takes part in the Haunted Summitview graveyard scene.  He's been with us since atleast the year 2000.


Coffin Skeleton


The skeleton peers out of his coffin to check out who is driving by the Haunted Summitview graveyard scene.


Devil at the peek


The devil at the porch peek guards the Haunted Summitview graveyard from above.


Graveyard security


The rotating two-headed graveyard security guard watches over the Haunted Summitview gravestones.


Ida Needa Hand


Ida Needa Hand was added in 2003.  Occasionally, she'll move her arms in an attempt to reach out for help.


Ivan Watchinu


Ivan Watchinu joined the Haunted Summitview graveyard crew in 2004.  He likes to peek from behind his gravestone every once in awhile.



Lois the flying ghost stays inside Haunted Summitview and will fly and dance from her window position if you get the opportunity to see her!


Out of ground zombie


This out-of-ground reaching zombie has been part of the Haunted Summitview scene since the late 1990's.


P. K. Boo


P. K. Boo was our original gravestone peeker.  Ivan Watchinu saw how much fun P. K. Boo was having and copied her style!


Rooftop zombie


Our rooftop zombie has the best view of the Haunted Summitview graveyard scene.


Shay Ken Bones


Shay Ken Bones gets the wiggles and shakes sometimes whenever somebody drives by the display.  Maybe you can make him wiggle and shake this year!


Tree zombie


The tree zombie was too afraid to live in the Haunted Summitview graveyard so he took a spot high up in our tree.  He's been part of the display since 2002, but got hit by the Graveyard Security car in 2006.  Sometimes he can be found underneath the wreckage.


Wheelbarrel zombie


Our wheel barrel zombie is always ready to bring in new victims to the Haunted Summitview graveyard.  Hope you're not next!