Haunted Summitview of New Castle, PA USA

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Common Questions about Haunted Summitview

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1. Where do you store all this Halloween stuff?

Haunted Summitview storage
Our props are stored everywhere.  Wherever there is extra storage space around the house,
you'll find a Halloween prop.  It takes weeks to organize and find the props.  We don't have
one designated place to store them.  They are randomly stored around the house.

2. How long does it take to set up your display?

Haunted Summitview setup
Preplanning begins in early summer around June.  The props are located and pulled
from storage in September.  Setup takes around 2 weeks to complete.
We may begin setting up in early October, but the display is not ready for viewing
until the last week in October.
Several friends and neighbors have helped us over the years.

3. Where did you get all this stuff?  How much did it all cost?

Haunted Summitview graveyard
80% of our props are homemade from materials such as wood, plastic, PVC pipe and old
clothing.  We prefer to make our props rather than purchase them premade.
According to us, there is no total cost of supplies.  Every item is priceless because each
holds a special value, memory or historic moment in our haunting past.
We began collecting masks and Halloween props as far back as 1984.

4. Is your Halloween display weatherproof?  What happens if it rains?

Haunted Summitview behind the graveyard
Look closely at this "behind the scenes" photo.  It was taken from behind the display.
All of our gravestones are made out of wood and staked in the ground.
The wood is painted with an all-weather outdoor paint and the stakes protect
the gravestones from the high winds we experience on top of Summitview Drive.
We try to build and protect our props from the weather as best as we can.
Rain and wind are the display's biggest enemies because almost everything is

5. What is the ghost in the window?  How does the ghost in the window fly?

Haunted Summitview Lois in the window


Haunted Summitview Lois behind the scenes


Lois, the flying ghost, is made out of cheese cloth and illuminated using blacklights.
Her head and hands are attached to cables that pull her up and down as an
electric motor spins a large crank shaft in a circular motion above her
and each of her cables is attached to a separate pulley.
Inside, the front window section of the house is closed off using hanging black plastic
to keep Lois in the dark so that she is only illuminated by the black lights.
The cheese cloth is a gauze mesh-like material that we treated with
washing detergent which causes it to glow under flourescent black lights.

6. What are those little black boxes scattered all over the display?

Haunted Summitview west side of graveyard
Haunted Summitview halloween lighting
The black boxes around the display are simple, homemade wooden boxes
painted black to protect the spotlights from the weather and to hide them from sight.

7.  How does P.K. Boo & Ivan Watchinu move up and down?

Haunted Summitview P.K. Boo animatronic
Haunted Summitview P.K. Boo animatronic
Both P.K. Boo and Ivan Watchinu are electric animatronic props that seem to move up and
 up and down behind a gravestone.  They are powered by slow RPM electric motors.
Since motors spin in a circular fashion, crank shafts were added to change the
motors circular motion into a more up and down motion.

8. Why do you put up a Halloween display?

Haunted Summitview William McElhattan

The display is for the enjoyment of kids and adults young at heart who are
fascinated with Halloween.
If it weren't for you and them, the display could not go on year after year.
We attempt to show you that Halloween can be spooky fun, 
    not always just terror and horror.
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