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Common Questions about Haunted Summitview

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9. Where are the music and sound effects coming from?

Haunted Summitview sound
The sound effects and music heard throughout the graveyard is coming from a
speaker box hidden in the display.  A stereo receiver and tape player
power the speaker.

10. How did you get that zombie on your roof?

Haunted Summitview roof zombie
The roof zombie is mounted on a folding bracket that fits over the peak of the roof.
We secured him down with cement blocks and rope because of the
horrible winds the zombie must battle during Halloween season.

11. How is the zombie's head moving back & forth on the front porch?

Haunted Summitview front porch zombie


Haunted Summitview behind Charlie


Charlie, the zombie on the front porch, has an oscillating fan inside his mask.
His head sometimes goes back and forth and he watches over the graveyard
from his porch position.
An oscillating fan was modified by taking off the cage and fan blades.
A mask was put over the fan motor.

12. How is the Browns zombie's head spinning around and around?

Haunted Summitview rotating Browns head
The zombie with the Cleveland Browns sweatshirt has a broken neck.
His head seems to spin 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.
There is an electric rotisserie motor behind him attached to a
styrofoam head with a mask .
His head slowly spins around and around.

13. How is there fog or steam in the graveyard sometimes?

Haunted Summitview Stephie Witch


Haunted Summitview behind Stephie witch


Sometimes fog will come out of Cemetery Stew.  Cemetery Stew contains a
fog machine that uses a heating tube to turn fluid known as fog fluid into
a safe, non-toxic steam-like substance that floats in the air.

14. Do you decorate for Christmas, too?

Haunted Summitview at Christmas
No.  We do not decorate for Christmas.  The zombies seek warmth inside our
home for the winter and Santa visits us just as he visits  your home
on Christmas.

15. How did you make Ida Needa Hand's arms move?

Haunted Summitview Ida Needa Hand


Haunted Summitview Ida Needa Hand mechanics


Ida Needa Hand is powered by an old Ford Tempo 12-volt windshield wiper motor.
We added cranks and linkage to the motor shaft to pull and push the wooden
arms and hands.  It's a delicate system and often breaks down so
Ida Needa Hand almost always is under repair and really does "need a hand".

16. How do you illuminate and power your display at night?

Haunted Summitview electronics
Haunted Summitview electrical
Most of our lighting consists of outdoor spotlight yard stakes with
100-watt Par 38 colored floodlights covered by wooden boxes for protection.
We have all our display lighting and animation on dedicated electrical 
timer circuits so our normal home lighting is not interrupted. 
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