Haunted Summitview is a small, 1 yard Halloween drive-by front yard display located in Neshannock Township of New Castle, PA USA sponsored by the Gierlach family: Kevin & Stephanie and our children Adrienne & Kevin.
New Castle, PA currently has no local haunted house.   Our family decided to provide this small, 1 yard Halloween drive-by display during Halloween week to give our kids a little Halloween tradition.
Geared towards young adults and small children, this 1 home drive-by  yard haunt will get you in the Halloween spirit.
2013 Haunted Summitview special thanks to Joseph Berg for the 1981 Cadillac Limo donation!  Thank you John Buckner, Bryan Morgan, Michelle Domenick, and Bob McCandless!

2010 Haunted Summitview special thanks to: Bob Tanner, Steve Antuono, Rick Davis, Andy Herman, Jenna Herman, Harry Book, George Dean, Danny Argiro, Joey Palimino, Chris Joseph, Tony Andrews, Ian Buckner, Bob McCandless, Joey Paolini, Jason Tanner, Keith Mudrey Construction

Thank you to Neshannock Township Police Department for providing continuous security & surveillance

Special recognition to Rick 'Frankenstein' Davis & Bob 'Devil' McCandless for personally helping me put all the zombies & ghosts to rest in 2010.

Special thanks to: Stephanie Gierlach, Joe 'Pepperoni' Paolini, Biagio Coiro, Steve Antuono, Mary Ann Sheen, Dan 'Bucket' Donaldson, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Rick & Michelle Davis, George Fiacco, John Buckner, Ian Buckner, Ellie McCreary, Joe & Gina Alberico, Victor & Lu Lu Galmarini, Andy & Jenna Herman, Chris 'Hank' Joseph, Joey Palimino, Curt Latham, Dave 'Mack' Micco, Mike 'Nov' Noviello, Chris 'Kliemer' Kliem, Jerry Hunter, Will Harris, Jeffrey Fandozzi

Extra thanks to: My wonderful wife, Stephanie, for allowing me to take over our home &  front yard every October.

Pre-setup: Kevin, Adrienne, Kevin and Stephanie Gierlach, Joe Paolini, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Biagio Coiro, Joe Alberico and Dan Donaldson
Setup: Kevin Gierlach and Stephanie Gierlach, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Curt Latham, Joe 'Pepperoni' Paolini, Walter Kustra, Mary Ann Sheen, Joe Alberico, Rick Davis, John Buckner and Biagio Coiro, Dan Donaldson, Jeffrey Fandozzi
Maintenance: Chris Kliem, Kevin Gierlach, Stephanie Gierlach, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Karen Elder, John Buckner, Mike Noviello, Biagio Coiro, Rick Davis, Joe 'Pepperoni' Paolini and Joe Alberico
Acting: Kevin Gierlach, Chris 'Hank' Joseph, Joe Alberico, Joe Paolini, Ian Buckner, Michael Noviello, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Rick Davis  Dave 'Mack' Micco, Steve Antuono, Andy Herman, Jenna Herman, Will Harris, Book, Angie Abraham and Biagio Coiro
Teardown: Kevin Gierlach, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Mary Sheen, Joe Alberico, Biagio Coiro
Special thanks to businesses: George Fiacco of Car Connection, Jeffrey Fandozzi of Fandozzi Signs, Frank DeLuca, Jr.with Reliable Lumber of New Castle, PA., Carlo DiNardo of Castle Uniform and Police Supplies
Ray Doneluck with R & A Screenprinting of New Castle, PA and Joe Donati with Premier Custom Builders of New Castle, PA

Special recognition to: George Fiacco of Car Connection of New Castle, PA for the haunted security car donation.

Haunted Summitview

Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA

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