Haunted Summitview Drive of New Castle, PA USA   HAUNTEDSUMMITVIEWDRIVE.COM
Small drive-by yard haunt sponsored by the Gierlach family   Latest update: October 2020
NOTICE: After Halloween 2017, Haunted Summitview has donated several Halloween props to New Castle, PA's Croton Cemetery Halloween display.  The Gorilla, Dracula, The Casket, P.K. Boo, Shay Ken Bones, The Haunted Arches, Spuey, and Throw-Up Harry can all be seen at the Croton Cemetery Halloween display.

Please visit our dedication page at to show your support for Halloween & Haunted Summitview!  Keep the memories alive.

10/31/20 - The Graveyard at Haunted Summitview is closed permanently.
10/1/20 - For one last season, The Graveyard at Haunted Summitview will be viewable from your vehicle featuring a limited display of our past Halloween traditional characters.
10/31/19 - Haunted Summitview is closed permanently on Suday, Oct. 27, 2019.
10/13/19 - In response to neighbors complaining to the authorities about traffic issues, we had to cease operation as a yard haunt and we had to reduce the Halloween display considerably.  Please do not stop your vehicle.  We are not permitted to block the street.  Please keep moving forward slowly then exit down the stone alley on the right!  Closed after Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019.

10/1/19 - Our larger haunt was closed permanently in 2014, a smaller version of Haunted Summitview was displayed for Halloween 2015, 2016, 2017 and most recently Halloween season 2018!  For Halloween Season 2019, a smaller special edition of THE GRAVEYARD at HAUNTED SUMMITVIEW will display the only remaining traditional Haunted Summitview characters: Cemetery Stew, Ida Needa Hand, Sparky, Ivan Watchinu, Lois in the window, and Charlie on the front porch!


11/1/18 - Thanks for supporting The Graveyard at Haunted Summitview in 2018.  We have decided to discontinue the display after Halloween 2019.


11/1/17 - Thanks for supporting Haunted Summitview in 2017.  We have decided to discontinue the display in the future. 


10/1/17 - We were able to get the zombies out of the ground for another year!   A smaller version of the original Haunted Summitview display is now up for Halloween Season 2017!  Please listen to Spooky 99.9FM when driving-by slowly.   Thanks for your support.


10/2/16 - A smaller version of the original Haunted Summitview display is now up for Halloween Season 2016!  Please listen to Spooky 99.9FM when driving-by slowly.   Thanks for your support.


10/31/14 - Last day of our final year!  Thank you supporters!  Happy Halloween!


9/29/14 - The ghosts & goblins at Haunted Summitview are getting ready for the 2014 Halloween season!


11/1/13 - The 2013 Haunted Summitview Halloween display is closed for the Season.  Thank you for the great memories and thank you for your support!


10/1/13 - The 2013 Haunted Summitview Halloween display is viewable nightly from Oct. 1-31 from 7pm-9pm!  Bring us victims!


8/28/13 - Plans are being made for the 2013 Haunted Summitview Halloween display!


5/31/13 - The zombies can't wait til Halloween 2013!  Are you ready?


11/1/12 - Thanks for a great 2012 Halloween Season!


10/28/12 - Heavy rain & strong winds are causing problems in the Haunted Summitview Graveyard, but our Graveyard CREW is doing their best to keep the Halloween Display working!  Thanks for the support & encouragement!


10/1/12 - The 2012 Haunted Summitview Graveyard is open!  Please drive slowly & carefully.  Thanks for the support.  We could not continue without you!


9/19/12 - Preparations for the 2012 Haunted Summitview Graveyard will begin soon!  Although a much smaller graveyard and Halloween display are  planned for this year, we are excited the zombies want to come out to see you again!


10/30/11 - We currently have no plans for 2012 Halloween display.  Thank you for your support over the years!


10/14/11 - Haunted Summitview 2011 is officially haunted for October 2011!


9/16/11 - The zombies & ghosts are getting ready for another haunting season soon.  The 2011 Halloween season is almost here!


11/5/10 - With your continued support, we may be able to have the display again in October 2011!


10/31/10 - Happy Halloween 2010!


10/1/10 - The Haunted Summitview Graveyard is ready for viewing!


7/2/10 - A home renovation project may delay the appearance of ghosts & goblins in our graveyard this year.  Please check back.


12/26/09 - Due to circumstances beyond our control, we do not have a display scheduled for 2010.  Please check back.


10/31/09 - Happy Halloween 2009!  Saturday, Oct. 31, 2009 is the last day for the Haunted Summitview Halloween drive-by display for the 2009 Halloween season.


10/4/09 - The 2009 Haunted Summitview graveyard is now full of zombies & creepy things waiting for you to come & visit!  Come see us!  Find us!  Click here for a Google map.


9/20/09 - A few ghosts & goblins are lurking about, but the graveyard isn't ready to be anybody's home just yet.  A little bit more time and the graveyard will be ready to accept more bodies.


8/29/09 - Moaning & groaning has been heard in areas around the graveyard.  Nothing appears unusual, but there is a slight chill in the air in the evenings that seems strange.


11/1/08  - Special thanks to Joe 'Pepperoni' Paolini & Biagio Coiro for making the 2008 graveyard possible.  Special recognition to Rick Davis, Joey Palimino & Chris Petronelis for helping bury the bodies after the '08 season.  Thanks also to Steve 'Myers' Antuono, Chris 'Gorilla' Joseph, Joey 'Wolfman' Palimino, Andy 'Wacko Waiter' Herman & Jenna 'Devil' Herman.


10/31/08  - Happy Halloween!  With your continued support, visits to this website and display drive-bys, we may be able to have the display again next year!  Tonight is the last night to view the display for the 2008 Halloween season.


10/30/08  - Trick-or-Treaters were treated to a ghoulish time tonight!  Trick-or-Treat for Neshannock Township, New Castle, PA was scheduled 1 day earlier than Halloween  this year, but Halloween night, Friday. 10-31-08,  is sure to be a spooktacular time!


10/29/08  - Snow!  The ghosts & goblins of Haunted Summitview were covered in snow this morning.  See the photo gallery for proof!  The snow has melted & the ghouls are ready to continue to haunt so watch out.


10/10/08 - It is time.  The undead are presently haunting 418 Summitview Drive!  Tune your car radio to the radio station 99.9 FM & come for a visit.  When you are nearby, the sounds of the ghostly Haunted Summitview can be heard.  Please drive cautiously.  The zombies & ghosts appreciate your support. 


9/26/08 - The 2008 Haunted Summitview graveyard has taken shape.  Some of the zombies have risen.  Special thanks to Joe 'Pepperoni' Paolini, Biagio Coiro & Steve Antuono  for helping make this year a reality.  Without their help, this year's display wouldn't have been possible.


9/22/08 - Pre-setup has begun.  The cemetery fence & pillars with archway are built.  It won't be much longer now!  The display is approximately 25% complete.


9/10/08 - The zombies & ghosts are making more noises underneath the graveyard.  No bodies have surfaced yet.


8/5/08 - We are hearing some disturbing sounds from underneath the Haunted Summitview  graveyard lawn.  We think the buried bodies are trying to tell us they want to come back for Halloween 2008. 


12/7/07 - Even through the thick snow covered graveyard, the screams and moans of the Haunted Summitview undead can be heard!


11/8/07 - We currently have no plans to put up the Halloween display in 2008.  Please check back..


11/1/07 - The ghosts of Haunted Summitview would like to thank all the graveyard helpers & visitors for making the 2007 display a reality.  The zombies & goblins have crawled back in to storage and await Halloween 2008 which will be made possible with your continued support.


10/31/07 - Happy Halloween from all the ghouls, goblins & ghosts of Haunted Summitview!


10/28/07 - On this night, Oct. 28, 2007, 6 year helper, Joe Alberico, announced his retirement from the Haunted Summitview haunt crew at the end of the 2007 Halloween season.  Alberico's departure brought sadness to the ghosts & goblins, but the haunting continues!  We appreciate everybody's support this year!


10/9/07 - The 2007 Haunted Summitview Halloween display is now viewable.  The zombies have surfaced!   It is illuminated nightly from 7pm-10pm now through October.  Drive-by, if you dare.


9/22/07 - The ghosts & goblins came out a little earlier this season!  The 2007 graveyard has taken shape.  Set-up is nearly completed!  Special thanks to Stephanie Gierlach, Matt 'Cabo' Herko, Joe 'Pepperoni" Paolini, Curt Latham & Biagio Coiro for all there help digging up the graves.


9/19/07 - Pre-setup has begun.  The 2007 layout is being finalized.  It won't be much longer now!  The display is approximately 25% complete.


8/26/07 - More screams & howls can be heard from the storage areas.  The ghouls & goblins are getting ready to haunt.  Check back for more updates.  Halloween 2007 is approaching quickly!


6/19/07 - The ghouls & goblins are howling & moaning.  They can't wait for Halloween 2007!


12/3/06 - It's December 2006.  It's cold outside, but the zombies are already restless from being in storage for over a month since Halloween.  We hope to bring them back in 2007!


11/2/06 - We have no information about our Halloween yard display in 2007 yet.


10/31/06 - Happy Halloween 2006 from the staff, haunt crew, ghosts, goblins and ghouls of Haunted Summitview!  Thank you for your support.


9/28/06 - Display is now viewable for the 2006 Halloween season each night from dusk till approximately 9:30pm through Halloween week!


9/23/06 - Construction for the 2006 display continues.  Special recognition to Biagio Coiro, Dan 'Bucket' Donaldson, Matt 'Cabo' Herko & Curt Latham for helping make the 2006 Haunted Summitview display possible.  The display is approximately 90% complete.  Nightly illumination may occur within the next week or so!  Please check back.


9/15/06 - Work has officially begun on the 2006 Haunted Summitview display!  Preliminary props such as the graveyard fence and pillars have been installed, but only approximately 25% of the display has been completed.  Check back for more updates!


8/5/06 - Planning and preparation for the 2006 Haunted Summitview display has begun!  Tentative dates for best viewing the display will be Friday, Oct. 27 through Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2006 between 6pm - 10pm.


5/10/06 - Discussion about the 2006 Haunted Summitview display are in the works with the cooperation of neighbors and friends.  Preliminary dates for the display will most likely be the last weekend in October since Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year 2006.


2/11/06 - Plans for the 2006 Halloween display have not been finalized.  We left the 2005 season with some doubt that we'd be having a display for Halloween 2006.  Still undecided.  Support from you, our neighbors, friends, visitors and family is crucial to making our final decision.


10/31/05 - Happy Halloween 2005 from the staff, haunt crew, ghosts, goblins and ghouls of Haunted Summitview!  Thank you for your support.


10/30/05 - The Haunted Summitview graveyard ghosts and zombies have been busy haunting.  The 2005 Halloween season is coming to an end on the big day October 31, 2005 so they're ready to give all our visitors one last scare.  The 2006 season remains questionable so check back here for more updates!


10/22/05 - The ghouls & ghosts are withstanding heavy rain and winds.  Yes!  The display is still operational!  Nothing scares these goblins.


10/21/05 - Starting 10/21/05, the display is viewable from 6pm to around 10pm each night up to and including October 31, 2005!  Drive-by if ya dare!


10/8/05 - Opened the 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 photo galleries as well as some rare pictures of our 1984 Halloween display.


10/7/05 - A new zombie will be haunting inside the Haunted Summitview graveyard in 2005!  Check out the zombies and ghosts page to see who it is.


9/25/05 - Some haunting has occurred!  The 2005 Haunted Summitview Drive HauntCam has been activated.  Maybe you can see our ghosts in action on camera!  Full operation is scheduled for the last week in October '05.


9/19/05 - The ghosts are getting restless!  Setup is on schedule for mid-October so far.  Some props were found in storage damaged from the rough spring and summer, but the spirits are ready for October to come.


8/23/05 - The date set for full action is Friday, Oct. 21.  We hope to have all ghouls and ghosts completely set up & haunting Summitview Drive by then!


6/15/05 - We're back!  The zombies & ghosts are somewhat behind, but on schedule to haunt 418 Summitview Drive in Halloween 2005.  We've put the distress call out to neighbors & friends for help this year because 2004's set up, maintenance and take down were a little difficult.  We'll definitely have a display this Halloween, but it might be more compact.  We stress that this display is for children & the young at heart.  It's not a full-blown haunted attraction.  It is a small, one-yard Halloween display for everybody to become a victim...we mean, enjoy.


10/31/04 - Halloween 2004 was a horrifying experience!  Many victims witnessed the zombies of Haunted Summitview.  Hope to see you back in 2005!